Quite recently the Glasgow branch of AUGB has been reopened with the arrival of new generation of Ukrainians to Glasgow and got the informal name “Community of Ukrainians in Glasgow”. The formation of our community has been a spontaneous reaction of the Ukrainians who were seriously concerned by the dramatic events going on in our homeland. Formally the branch began with the Constitutive Meeting chaired by Chief Executive Officer on 10th of August 2014. However, practically the first consultations about formation of community of Ukrainians in Glasgow started in December 2013 with the start of Revolution of Dignity in Kiev. Consequently, the Ukrainian-speaking community has emerged and separated from Russian-speaking community in March 2014 with the launch of our virtual communication platform on Facebook. Within the short time our community exists, we managed to implement a few fundraising activities to support our army and democratic reforms in our homeland. Moreover, for the purpose of Ukrainian culture promotion and uniting people around cultural activities, the weekly choir has been organised by our head Oksana Mavrodii.